Main scientific results


  1. Organization of high – octane gasoline production (Oil – refining factory, Baku) – 1942.
  2. Process of obtaining high – octane component for aviation petrol – cumene (Oil – refining factories, Baku and USSR) – 1946.
  3. For the first time in the USSR the production of thermostable aviation fuels T – 1(1947) and T- 5 (1951) were organized on the base of Baku oil (Oil - refining factories, Baku and USSR).
  4. For the first time in the USSR additive-depressor lowering temperature of freezing of lubricating oils was obtained (Oil – refining factories, Baku and USSR) – 1948.
  5. Modernization of plant units and intensification of thermal cracking process were implemented (Oil – refining factory, Baku) – 1948.
  6. New kind of additive – depressor to lubricating oils was produced (Oil – refining factories, Baku and USSR) – 1951.
  7. For the first time in the USSR catalytic cracking process with “fluidized bed” of finely – dispersed catalyst was implemented at units 1B (1953), 1A, 1A/1M (1957 – 1961) (Oil - refining factories, Baku, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Ufa, Poland, Romania).
  8. For the first time in USSR progressive technological schemes and constructions of reactors with ascending through and semithrough streams of catalyst were developed – 1960.
  9. First in the world unit for burning and reduction of alunite in the “fluidized bed” with the purpose of obtaining aluminum oxide (Ganja city) – 1966.
  10. Butadiene – styrene oligomer – a film – former and a binding composition (ITF, IPCP) – 1968-1970.
  11. Technology of obtaining low freezing transformer oil for electro – conducting lines of the highest tension (1970), compressor K – 12, K – 19 (1999), Ak-15 (2002) and turbine oil     T – 46 (2008), (Oil – refining factory, Baku).
  12. Plasticizer – stabilizer for electric industry (EPST - 1) – 1970.
  13. Oligo – divinyl – styrene (ODS) lacquer – 1970 – 1988.
  14. Plasticizers of “Plastiazan” type for PVC – 1972.
  15. Process of obtaining non – ethylated high – octane petrol AI – 93 directly in catalytic cracking process (Baku oil – refining factory named after H.Aliyev) – 1975 – 1980.
  16. For the first time in USSR process of dewaxing diesel fuels and low – viscous oils (Oil – refining factories, Baku, Moscow, Ufa, Novokuybishevsk, Syzran, Volgograd) – 1976.
  17. Drying agent OA – 1 (1976), oligopolymeric compositions (1977), surface – active subs­tances (1978), oiling materials for lubricating natural and fur leathers (1983) (Factory of Domestic Conditioners, Volqodonsk Chemical Enterprise).
  18. Obtaining process of alpha – naphthol of high - degree purity (ITF, IPCP) - 1976 – 1982.
  19. Hardener of epoxide compositions and ecologically – harmless substitute of industrial dibutyl (octyl) phthalate plasticizers of polyvinyl chloride compositions – 1978 – 1985.
  20. Process of two – step catalytic cracking of petroleum feedstock with application of deve­loped reactor systems with “ascending” and “semi - through” streams of catalyst (Oil – refi­ning factory, Baku) – 1980.
  21. Process of obtaining benzene through platforming of petrol fractions of petroleum and gas condensates (Sumgait Petrochemical Enterprise) – 1980.
  22. Superplasticizer “40 - 03” for concrete mixtures developed together with ВНИИ ЖБ, Associa­tion “Polymode” (Novomoscovsk), factory “Orgsyntesis” (Moscow) - (1980-1990);
  23. New synthetic fragrant substances – ketones (1980 - 1981), lactones (1987 – 1988) – Perfumery – cosmetic Factory “Effect”, Kharkov and ВНИИСН ДВ, Kaluga.
  24. Process for dehydrogenation of butane in “fluidized bed” (Synthetic Rubber Factories, Sum­gait and Sterlitamak).
  25. Method of obtaining petroleum – polymer resin “Arien”1984 – 1984.
  26. “STANAZ” (nickel O, O – diphenyl dithiophosphate) polyfunctional stabilizer for polyole­fins – 1984 – 1986.
  27. Process of obtaining petroleum-polymer resin based on C8-C9 fractions of pyrocondensate (“Neftgaz” and “Slantsi” Oil-refining factories, Baku and Leningrad region) 1985-1990.
  28. New eco-bio-technology that influence on petroleum layers (PGPA of Azerbaijan) – 1984-2011.
  29. In 1983 polyfunctional corrosion and scale inhibitor «VFIKS-82» was created which, by the decision of the USSR Oil Industry Ministry was accepted for the implementation and its experimental manufacture has been organized. The inhibitor was used in oil-producing enterprises of Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. In 1986 winter modification of this inhibitor - “Inhibitor-Azeri” was developed. Russian Federation bought the obtaining technology of this inhibitor together with the license. The industrial unit with a capacity of 20 000 tons has been given to the exploitation (Meleuz city, Bashkiria).
  30. New highly - efficient catalyst (6A-24) for the process of dehydrogenation of C4-C5 parafin (“Organic Synthesis” Production Association, Sumgait) 1986-1987.
  31. Hardening lubricating oil based on modified fenolformaldehyde resin for cutting and grinding instruments (Production Association “Kamaz”, Production Association of Aviation Plant (Perm), Helicopter Plant (Kazan), Instrument – making (Ganja), Factory of domestic conditioners (Baku) and others) - 1987-1988.
  32. Water-soluble polymers for displacement of petroleum from layers – 1987-1992.
  33. “Shirvanol” petroleum luminophores as penetrants for capillary defectoscopy (ATOM­MASH, Leningrad and TYAZHMASH, Moscow) - 1988-1990.
  34. Reagent for isolation of water-absorbing layers during drilling - 1987-1992.
  35. In 1992 tanning agent “BEPIKOR” was created, which has no analogue in the world. “BEPIKOR” underwent the trial tests in the “Gunder Deri” plant in Turkey and was accepted to the implementation.
  36. Antioxidants for various polymeric materials – 1987.
  37. Method of obtaining linear a-olefin fractions from ethylene (Firm SABIC of Saudi Arabia) - 1988-2005.
  38. Single-stage technology of obtaining high-quality synthetic lubricating oil from ethylene – 1989.
  39. Catalysts for obtaining 1,4- cis-polybutadiene with high contents of 1,2- layers – 1989.
  40. Technology of production of high-octane additives based on butene-butylene fractions, light secondary petrols and ethers – 1989.
  41. In the former USSR the catalytic cracking complex of new generation Г-43-107 was developed by the institute together with ВНИИНП, ГрозНИИ, Grozgipronefteсhem (Грозгипронефтехим). The units Г-43-107 were built in cities Moscow, Lysychansk, Angarsk, Ufa, Grozny, Pavlodar, Burgas (Bulgaria), Mazeikiai and Baku. In the Baku OR named after H.Aliyev this unit also operates at the moment - 1990.
  42. Promotors of CO oxidation to CO2 in the process of regeneration of coked catalyst of cracking – 1990.
  43. Technology of production of cyclopentene, cyclopentadiene and norbornene from pyrolysis fraction C51991.
  44. Technology of obtaining base oil M-8, M-8B, M-10G2 using processes of: dewaxing, selective purification and deasphalting (Oil-refining factory, Baku) -1994.
  45. New functional nickel-containing catalytic systems and process of obtaining stereoregular polybutadiene rubbers (Synthetic Rubber Plant, town of C.Yefremov, Russian Federation) – 1994 – 1997.
  46. In 1995 corrosion inhibitor “KASPIY-X” was created which has no analogue in the world and trial manufacture of the given inhibitor has been organized. At present it is applied in Baku oil-refining plant of H.Aliyev and in “Azerneftyag”.
  47. Method of obtaining base product of hydraulic liquid (ITF, IPCP) - 1996-1997.
  48. In 1977 paraffin-decomposition inhibitor “PARKORIN-1” was created which was tested and applicated in oil industry of Azerbaijan.
  49. Perspective integrated schemes of stepwise development of fuel and oil industry of Azer­baijan (Baku oil-refining factory named after H.Aliyev- 1997; “Azerneftyag”- 1988).
  50. Asphalt-concrete mixture – 1998.
  51. In 1998 demulsifier “KHAZAR” was created and since this year it is used in BOR named after H.Aliyev. During the period of 1998-2014 2748 tons of “KHAZAR” were produced and used.
  52. In 1998 the composition “BAKI” was developed and its use for cleaning scales started. In 1998-2014 63,5 tons of the reagent were produced.
  53. In 2000 experimental manufacture of corrosion inhibitor “KASPIY” was organized and its application in BOR named after H.Aliyev began. In 2000-2014 120 tons of “KASPIY” were produced and used.
  54. In 2000 the foaming agent “NKPI-34-2” for fire-fighting was developed which is resistant to sea- and fresh water. It was accepted for application. 360 tons of “NKPI-34-2”were produced and used till April 2014.
  55. Technology of production of semisynthetic oil of high viscosity-index - 2000-2005.
  56. Highly - efficient modifications of new catalytic complex based on metallic aluminium and alkyl halides for combined refining processes of liquid products of pyrolysis with obtaining of benzene, ethyl benzene, petroleum-polymer resin, naphtalene and others (“Azerkimya”, Symgait) – 2001-2002.
  57. Development of complex scheme of refining liquid pyrolysis products using new catalytic system (CTC) (“Rubber Synthesis” and “Surfactands” factory, Sumgait) – 2002.
  58. Petroleum-collecting and dispersing composition – 2002.
  59. New technology of obtaining diesel fuel “Euro-2” with low - sulphur-contents (below 0.003% mas) using hydropurification process (Baku Oil-refining Factory named after H.Aliyev) – 2004.
  60. Development and implementation of alternative technology for separation of petroleum from water, salt, technical admixtures and others (Production Association “Azerneftyag”) - 2006-2012.
  61. Technology of production of industrial oils I-8A, I-12H, I-30A, I-40A, I-20B, I-30B (Oil – Refining Factory “Azerneftyag”) – 2005.
  62. Production of DT fuel for low – and average turnover motor (Oil – Refining Factory “Azerneftyag”) – 2006-2007.
  63. Technology of production of base motor oil M-12 from mixture of crude oil from “Neft Dashlary” and “Guneshly” oil fields (Production Association “Azerneftyag”) – 2008.
  64. In 2011 inhibitor-bactericide “KHAZAR” (VFIKS-82) was created which was used in oil industries of SOCAR in systems of water supply to the layers.
  65. In 2009 corrosion inhibitor “KASPIY-X (M)” was created and accepted for using in BOR named after H.Aliyev for protection from corrosion of chemically purified systems of water supply. In the period of 2009-2014 286,2 tons of the inhibitor were produced and used.
  66. In 2012-2013 on the basis of light reflux of catalytic cracking gasoil dry superplasticizer – chemical addition to the concrete mixes was obtained. After the conducting of unit reconstruction in the experimental-industrial plant trial samples of the product were obtained.
  67. Technology of ecologically-friendly high-quality automobile petrol with a low content of benzene – 2009-2011.
  68. New technology of production of ethyl tert-butyl ether on the basis of bioethanol and pyrolysis C4 fraction (“TURAL-110” Azerbaijan) - 2010-2012.
  69. Petroleum-solvents “NEFRAS” (“Open Joint Stock Company of Additives”, Symgait) - 2002-2012.
  70. Complex salts of pesticide-2-morpholilmethyl-4-methylphenol – 2013 (work was conducted in Experimental-production plant, experimental samples have been obtained, currently wide field tests are conducted).
  71. New ecologically efficient substances of growth for the plants capable to biological splitting – 2011-2013 (tests were conducted and substances were recommended for application).
  72. Technologies of obtaining of vicinal dicarboxylic acids of esters (in 1990-2013).
  73. The new technology of obtaining of biodiesel fuel by cavitational method. In 2012-2013 by cavitational principle the pilot unit was set up and experimental samples were obtained.
  74. The foaming agent “NAFTAPEN” was developed which is used for extinguishing fires by using sea or fresh waters. This product has passed industrial tests at the test site of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic and was recommended for implemen­tation.
  75. A new nitrogen fertilizer in 2013 was developed. Experimental- industrial batch was obtai­ned which has been tested on the sowing fields in 2013-2014 with positive results.
  76. Complex salt of 2-morfolinmetilenil-5-methylphenol obtained in 2014 and was recommended as a preparation against the oidium disease in viniculture and presented to the Scientific Research Institute of Viniculture and Winemaking for conduction of the wide field tests on cultivated areas.
  77. The technological scheme of obtaining of the hydraulic liquid АМГ-10 has been developed and the technological reglament of the process was prepared in 2014.
  78. The technology of obtaining of the naphthenic acids from petroleum distillates with the help of organic absorbents has been developed and the testing in a pilot plant completed successfully in 2014.
  79. Using a new method of purification of medical Naftalan oil the technology for obtaining of “White Naftalan oil” has been developed and tested in the experimental industrial scale in the EIP of NANA. “WHITE NAFTALAN OIL” was registered as pharmacological preparation in the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic (DV № 14-01172) and the permission for its implementation was given.